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New Script And A New Browser

Just two quick items worth passing along…

PPK has just posted a nifty javascript funtion called getElementsByTagNames() that takes a list of tag names and returns an array that contains all elements with these tag names in the order they appear in the source code. (via DOM Scripting TF Blog)

And there seems to be a new kid on the Apple browser block—Shiira. Its a Web Kit based browser with a UI that attempts to imporve on the basic Safari UI. More competition for OmniWeb I guess. Comes complete with page curl action though I’m not sure what use that is other then providing fodder for the ‘lets make fun of mac users and their silly playful UI’ crowd.

That’s all for today.

Now go outside and play!

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  1. That TagNames function can be super handy for certain things. It’s a godsend and has saved me numerous times.

    Comment by: Brent Gustafson @ Jan 30, 02:25 PM #

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