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Two Big JavaScript Projects Debut

This last week saw two big JavaScript projects debut with releases and live code. John Resig has released Processing.js and Richard Herrera has introduced the Flow library.


Unless you’ve been living off the grid you’ve probably seen some mention of John Resig’s ‘big and pretty’ project, Processing.js. He’s gone and done it again, this time with a port of the Processing visualization language to the web via JavaScript and the canvas element. If that means nothing to you visit the site and check out some of the pretty demos.

Is this the beginning of the end of Flash? I’m not gonna go anywhere near that one, but Chris Blizzard has point out a few ways the open web has embraced the code in just a few days.


Richard Herrera, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last year, has completed and released his JavaScript library — Flow. Sure, you say that the JavaScript library space is already crowded, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for another tool in your arsenal.

Richard has aimed to create a small, lean, code base for cross browser implementation of standard DOM features and the ability to customize the library by picking and choosing the additional features you’d like.

Flow is already in use at the new South Park Studios, and you can see examples and docs and grab the code from its project site.

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  1. sir im currently working on javascript& facing lot of problems.tell me the exact use of css and hoew to use it and where i would be getting solutions to error

    Comment by: abhishek joshi @ May 12, 10:06 AM #
  2. That’s quite a tall order to handle via replies to a blog post, but may I defer you to this list of books on the topic of web standards? Maybe something in there will help you out.

    Comment by: Chris Casciano @ May 13, 11:12 AM #

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