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IE7b2p CSS Shortcomings And Info

I’ve had a little time to sit infront of the current IE7 preview and while I can say I’m happy that nothing drastic is broken I’m still a bit dissappointed in the state of its CSS support.

  • :before/:after not being supported
  • min-width, max-width, and related height values not supported (yet?)
  • the inherit and transparent unit value still missing
  • still some oddities in its vertical line box

That said, I’ve got to keep telling myself that is only a preview and that they’re still working on things. Eric does a good job at telling me not to panic as well.

For more make sure you check out:

NN4 Dead and Britney Spears uses Firefox/1.5

The monthly update to the Zeitgeist as well as the report for PNH have been posted. No huge changes to report over the last few months, but I think one can officially call NN4 dead. Making up 0.15% of hits on and 0.02% – just 27 hits total, same as the previous month – on PNH. Even Sony’s PSP has been recording a larger share.

So what’s going to change around here with the death of an old browser? Nada. Outside of possibly the end of breaking it out into a separate line item it won’t change anything.

And with that I’ll leave you with this interesting celebrity fact—brought to you in the form of the UA String of the month:

Britney Spears uses Firefox/1.5

Running IE7 BETA PREVIEW Next To IE6

Instructions for running the recent IE7 preview build without clobbering IE6. Like running IE5 next to IE6 its an ‘unsupported’ configuration, but given its an unsupported preview build of IE7 I don’t see it mattering too much.


New Script And A New Browser

Just two quick items worth passing along…

PPK has just posted a nifty javascript funtion called getElementsByTagNames() that takes a list of tag names and returns an array that contains all elements with these tag names in the order they appear in the source code. (via DOM Scripting TF Blog)

And there seems to be a new kid on the Apple browser block—Shiira. Its a Web Kit based browser with a UI that attempts to imporve on the basic Safari UI. More competition for OmniWeb I guess. Comes complete with page curl action though I’m not sure what use that is other then providing fodder for the ‘lets make fun of mac users and their silly playful UI’ crowd.

That’s all for today.

Now go outside and play!

Hixie On HTML Parsing

Waist deep in an ongoing effort to write a spec for parsing HTML documents Ian Hickson asks offers up this Tag Soup riddle asking what should the DOM look like for the following invalid code:

<!DOCTYPE html><em><p>XY</p></em>

The answer as you’ll see in his brain dump isn’t simple nor obvious.

Now if your head isn’t spinning after reading through that you should also take the time to read through his post from a few days ago where he started his parsing related brain dump. And if it is, well, take two aspirin, but also at least take a look at the little utility he wrote and used in both these posts—Live DOM Viewer—where you can drop some markup in and instantly see the DOM tree represented.