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Who is Chris Casciano?

I have been a professional web developer since 1997, working on a wide variety of sites from highly interactive javascript based projects to web based applications to simple blogs. In my spare time I run Place Name Here as a home for my personal expericmentations and blogging on topics that may or may not be web related.

Under the Hood

Standards & Browser Support is 100% compliant with current W3C Recommendations (XHTML 1.0 Strict & CSS). I will make no excuses for the appearance of this site in browsers that don't support those standards; the upside is far too great. By following these standards all the content on is available to users on a variety of browsers and platforms, it prints well, and it even works on your hand held device. All this with only one version of the site to code.

Content Management

Pages on this site are drive with a combination of custom PHP templates and Textpattern running with MySQL. I've covered my typical Textpattern usage elsewhere.


As they mature I will embed microformat based content throughout out this site. To extract my contact information embedded via hCard simply run any page of this site through X2Vjust like this. Additionally, every page in the site has been laced with the necessary hAtom elements to allow it to be extracted into Atom data with tools like the hatom2atom proxy. See for more details.


I'm always happy to hear from people who have come across my work. This site is far from an exception. Let me have it. Did you learn something? Think I'm wrong? Even if you think I'm just plain boring...

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Copyright & Content Licensing

Except where stated otherwise, all content on this site is ©2001-2006 Chris Casciano and is licensed for limited non-commercial use under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial license.